Creating the Unsplash Book

The first fully crowdsourced open book featuring 250 pages of photos, essays, and art with contributors receiving a % of all profits.

Two and a half years ago we posted a few leftover photos from a photoshoot on a blog with the tagline: 10 free, do-whatever-you-want photos every 10 days. 

It’s crazy how the smallest things can become life-changing moments. Since we first started Unsplash, thousands of photographers from all over the world have become a part of its community, submitting their work and sharing it without asking for any compensation or even recognition.

We say it a lot around here, but Unsplash really would be nothing without its community.

This book is a celebration of that community—a way to say thank you to the artists and creatives who have helped build Unsplash into what it is today.

Every single aspect of The Unsplash Book was chosen by its community—from the photos to the paper style to the cover design. With the help of nearly 8,000 people, we created the world’s first fully open, crowdsourced book featuring contributions from 100 creatives.

Each of The Unsplash Book’s five main chapters focuses on a different aspect of the creative process from inspiration, to incubation, to finding space, and reflecting on what you’ve done. We reached out to some of the greatest writers and thinkers in the new creative economy to share their thoughts about the future of creativity. People like:

- Paul Jarvis: Best-selling author and renowned web designer
- James Allworth: Co-author of How Will You Measure Your Life?
- Kirby Ferguson: Filmmaker and creator of the Everything is a Remix series
- Tobias van Schneider: Award-winning designer
- Lauren Bath: Renowned travel photographer
- Stephanie Georgopulos: Writer and Editor of Human Parts


Whether on your coffee table or your desk, The Unsplash Book was designed as a spark for your creative spirit—something to pick up when you're facing the long, dark nights of the creative process and find hope and inspiration.